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Starstruck Athletics’ Programs are designed to offer a broad-based, affordable competitive experience outside the traditional School & Youth League Cheer Programs to attract and retain a diverse group of athletes. The program gives an opportunity for:


        1.  Athletes to participate in organized cheer and dance competition events.


        2.  Athletes who have participated in the School / Youth League Cheer Programs have an opportunity to advance to multi-level

            competitive All Star Cheer.


        3.  Athletes who have participated in the Cheer Programs at the Compulsory level who would like to experience more optional

             programs during their "off" season while they train and acquire new skills to move up in their regular programs.



Tiny Mini Competitive Team

Tiny Glitter

5 years and younger

Mini Glam

Youth Senior Competitive Team

Youth Cosmo Girl


Junior Elle


Senior Vogue


Special Needs Flare


Hip Hop Dance Teams


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8 years and younger

11 years and younger

14 years and younger

10 years to 18 years

Any Age